10th Anniversary of PortFire!

Ten years ago, back in July 2011, we transitioned from a website called Mystic Music Archive to PortFire here. The Mystic Music Archive was a repository we created for some local Mystic and New London, Connecticut music from the 80s, 90s, and new releases.… Continue Reading...

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harder to hear
or distracted more
by the background and frequencies
i never paid much attention

and i lost my distance
vision in grade four –
it was the perfect yet unaccepted
excuse to the chalkboard of the annoyed mrs. hoyt
for my serial inattention

now it is close –
holding the text askance
arms length, puzzled
embarrassing my teen as the room looks over –
my cellphone flashlight is robust

so i will just ask
what do i usually get
and get that –
because ease and comfort
are becoming
my new amuse bouche

little spacey

Night in Saint-Cloud by Edvard Munch

i am the exile, the dreamer,
i am the ghost who blesses the slumber of your sleep.
i am the autumnal draft which crosses your pillow in the night.

little spacey, i am the skeleton who sleeps in your closet,
i am the turner of the doorknob in the dark.… Continue Reading...


one more time, his eyes all burned and
tweaked and cold and snuffed
he gripped the edges of the chair.

she had shifted across him again,
held the glass and smiled. his legs were
cumbersome. he was really nothing at all.… Continue Reading...

1999 Transmission: Asheville

I just recently drove out to the serene Appalachian outpost of Asheville, North Carolina.  Heather and I, two yankees in a Camry, pushed out from lowland tobacco fields of Chapel Hill environs, thru the first surprise snowfall of this mild southern winter, and found ourselves climbing round little Carolina hills upwards into the mountains.… Continue Reading...