From The Day’s Archive 26 December 1995 by Scott Timberg

My first big scoop! Scott Timberg, RIP, was a force upon the Mystic Art & Culture scene in the 1990’s, seemingly at every rock show, poetry reading, art exhibit, with pencil and pad in hand.

Thank you to the Day for digitizing its archive!

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Six Boonville Haiku

    Inspired by Ellery Twining

at six ravens ranch
the towering redwoods sway
gently in the breeze

initial contact
tentative at first but not
unwilling to please

Anderson Valley
bakes in the afternoon sun
just before the fog

and upon the end
glistening and glinting in
the fresh morning light

the road back and forth
through the mountains to the shore
blackberries ripen then burst

sparring not sparing
in the moment deeper still
promises to keep

April 11, 2009 – 20 Miles Off 101

this time of year you can hear clearly the rushing intent of the stream even though it can’t be seen

it cuts
every second it’s cutting, moving and cutting, zig-zagging, digging deeper as it goes, a perfect perpetuity

rippling cacophony
the sound of it becomes everything, negates everything, is as if unstoppable, its roaring way made

it swirls
instead of faltering, swells into haystacks defying its state, then calmly into eddies and calmly into pools

the canyon
it’s gnawed sits in gentle acceptance, almost embracing, always approaching but never encroaching

waiting to be washed away

Powers of Observation

not plain to the eye as far as you or I can see
but plainly free to be seen
by eyes keen of the hawk
across the field and up the

perception has levels, we quickly conclude
and out of thin air

and upon the virtues of specialization
a tangent is unwittingly
and so forth into
the complexities
we only think we understand
but really don’t

his body bobs smoothly as the branch
of the tree waivers just so
on a breeze implied
but his gaze is fixed

we agree upon a rodent at first, then address specificity
surmising from the grass
dangling from a talon
a mouse

and that’s when, like a reflex, from the tree he dropped
a flash of wings and
his broad tail fanning

there was a moment when we were
both aware of
each other’s gasp &
the breath held as the suspense
played out

then back to the perch in a bound
settling in and smoothing feathers before
with three quick snips
consuming our

Skin, Fat, Spice

the very essence
the connection between beings
the barrier and the welcoming touch

there is a rhythm
there is an association
there is a will & there is a way

this is an answer
this changes the questions
this gives as it takes away

a temptation
a tongue tip tap
a taste to be tackled