Dizzying Heights LYRICS


The light changes, But you don’t say a word
There’s a turn, and a feeling
I can’t recall
I’m the jar that you put your doubts into
Until it gets full
and I end up breaking
There’s a door, that you keep locked away
Just in case, you think I will come

And everyone grasps onto the ground
rooting itself, trying to call where it lays home
The thing that peers in your window
will never leave
And what stands in your closet
prevents good sleep
Until the morning comes, and it all
starts again


Good news and I don’t get along anymore
When he comes around, I’ll be showing him the door
Good food and drink just don’t sit right sometimes
I’ll be scratching at the door
For some peace of mind
My friends are blind sometimes
but love to wait
things don’t get better
Eyes get swollen, pets get dumped in the rain

If I’m not wanted, I suggest you do the same
Every picture that I take, gets lost before it’s framed
Losing faith and losing sleep provokes a state of mind
One doesn’t care or know if they will grow in time

And when it starts to bring you down, don’t bother looking up
Old habits die hard,
I’m never hungry anymore – I always just eat my words

Passing Thing

I wouldn’t take your faith, even if you promised the rest of it
While you were busy throwing a fit,
I was throwing rocks at the windows of the past
Waiting for someone to come
part the shades, and let some sunlight in

Give and take is such a simple game.
Would you throw away your hope for sanctity?
I won’t tread on water so deep…
Let it all go out, don’t pray it’s safe

Wear me down with your words
And don’t hold back such claims
Headlights will fly by, like, some sign of the times
and the wall you lean on will not sway.

Something tells me you’re just a
Passing Thing

Towards Shore

Step back and walk away
clouds all came out today
But if I had the choice,
those clouds wouldn’t come out at all

Stale air made us sick
and you forgot everything
But I’m still standing out near your place
Still standing out by your door

Wind still carries it all
Until the old air is gone
Spring came too fast this year
And nothing will last this year
Bagged and thrown away

Dead Poets

Look sideways for you
Lost in a sea of memoir
Put on your new boots
Meet me at midnight
Sleeping in churches
Pews hurt your back
Do you want it now?
Can you take it now?
Slung around your neck
Like a family heirloom.
Hangs the hate of an empire
Sleeping in the street
We forgot the men who spoke
Asking for nothing special
Keep all those bad dreams
Throw away your T.V.
What can you learn, what cities burn?
If you’re so bright
Why get left in the dark?
Dead Poets.

Dizzying Heights

You get so high
That you fly to the moon

You can’t touch the ground


Did we ever really learn to say no?
I love to think but can’t explain
Do you know what pain this brings?

Are people really staring straight ahead?
You watch the clock, the present ends
Can you see what a loss this is?

Spend your whole life, trying to count
All those stars in the sky
But you won’t see, which ones died
I guess that selling the truth’s as hard as selling lies

There’s a fear of what is outside
That keeps you wrapped up in your mind
Not a chance to find lost time
When your living with the breeze of a ghost
Feeling things this makes us cold
God himself wouldn’t be so bold…

Motion Picture Soundtrack

Red wine, and Sleeping pills
Help me get back to your arms
Cheap Sex, and short films
Let me get back to your arms

I think you’re crazy, Maybe

Stop sending, letters-letters always get burned
It’s not like, the movies
They fed us on, little white lies

I think you’re crazy, Maybe
I will see you in the next life

(“Motion Picture Soundtrack” originally written and recorded by Radiohead)

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