Dizzying Heights LP Credits

Luke Hunter : Vocals, Acoustic/electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Drum Machine, Keys.
James Burke : Bass Guitar, Workstation.

Production : Luke Hunter, James Burke, Nevin Reade Ngyuen Tan.
Recorded mostly in a basement on Cow-Hill Road and partially in a beach house on Hatteras Island, North Carolina.
Mixed by Luke Hunter, James Burke (and Nevin!).
Mastered at Centraal Studios with gracious assistance from DJ Shecky.

All songs written/recorded by Luke Hunter, with the exception of ‘Motion Picture Soundtrack,’ originally by Thom Yorke/Radiohead.

Darshana + Carousel Single Credits

Cover Photo: Jacob Friedman


Luke Hunter : Guitar, Drums, Bass, Vocals.
Nevin Nguyen-Tan : Synth, Production, Mixing, Mastering


Luke Hunter : Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Vocals
James Burke : Bass
Zach Drake : Electric Guitar, Toms

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