He had triple tools of everything

but he didn’t know how to use any of them.


When we moved in

we changed the locks right away.

I’m just passing a message

Another beer


He hands me two fifties but, I said Mikey you only owe me 70-80 bucks.

Turns out he only owed me 80.

In a drunken stupor I leant him another 20.

At least he’s honest.


You can’t even remember seeing me


I owe you.


I only had the money for an hour anyway

he drank through what he had and borrowed it again

That’s when he pushed me and I fell on my head.


No you fell on your ass

Rolling dice.


Roll the dice

Keno only makes them rich

6 dollars? 6 dollars?

 tv: Threat of hen-egg-sized hail tonight 

Disregarding the fact that I can positively identify my own beer.

I’m leaving dodge


Step on the gas and go.

When That thing is hot

It goes.


There’s no paper towel in the can


Wipe on your dirty Red sweatshirt


This is the cleanest thing I’ve got.






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