Slingshot Single, by Sodium Lights

Slingshot FrontSodium Lights
 have released a follow-up single to their scintillating Transtulit LP from 2011. After the sessions that completed Transtulit, the band decided to go even further into the deep house foundations that made up the electronic side of the group’s electro-rock.

The guitars were put inside their cases, and programming began in earnest during the winter of 2011-12. The band wrote an album’s worth of new material in a few months, and singer Julia Farrar began to add vocals to the rough ideas. As the songs began to take shape, the band began to realize that releasing a single from the best of the accumulated material would actualize the ideal of the “trance pop” songs they were trying to create.

Slingshot BackInstead of following up 2011’s Transtulit with another full length LP, Sodium Lights decided to release singles of these sessions, of which “Slingshot” is the first.

New Luke Hunter Single: Heart & Home

Each of Luke Hunter’s releases are more evocative and focused, driven with emotion and seeking our hearts.

Heart & Home is a proper single, assisted with James Burke on bass, and Tyler Crawford on drums. It gets in your head, it gets in your heart, and it hits straight home – a masterpiece and proof that Luke has truly become an artisan songwriter. The production and mixing, by Alex Pellish (17 Relics, Portersville, Vera from Alice, Highlighter, Sodium Lights), further refines and enlightens this immediate indie rock classic.

And cued right up, the backside features the daedalian guitarwork of Leafmeal, fleeting across unraveling midsummer meadows, across balearen lovers spread out beneath the wide blue sky – twirling in so many memories brought back from the fade –

Absolutely fantastic.

The Last Stoup, Issue 10, April 1993

Mason’s Stoup 10

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In Between

but dilly-dallying
over the hills
the miles of vines
the corners of which I’m cognizant
but just barely
the dead barn owl with one wing flapping in the breeze of a car just gone by
the cows
cute but stinky
and thankfully organic
the jibber-jabber on the radio
the cool rush of air from the window on the far side of the truck
the miles
the miles
they rush at me and under me and into infinity beyond the back bumper
and then the sun pushing up and into
the sky in the mirrors brightens and lightens and makes itself known
and when I look up at the mountain range that stands between me and the massive expanse of Pacific
the fog just barely spilling over

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Source Code

unbending on breaking into a series of handshakes and deals
contracts written into existence post facto
words situated to fit the situation just as the unfolding takes place
(is this equal and opposite?)
more than making a fuss over
this documentation
more than just a casual observation

the parties involved take parts neither are quite sure of
the definitions of which lay unfinished in a heap somewhere
notes scribbled, things referred to as “paperwork”
ellipses taking the place of, or implying meaning where any has yet to settle despite the appearance of agreement or sense of propriety

this is where bleak formality is layered in
where the comfort of conformity trumps the ideas of action
where the questions, in all the forms they’re known to adopt
whether posture or postulation, blossom into a thing more important than that for which they strive
– the answer is the terminal, the question, the journey

between that which is developing
the cause and effect
the nuance
the roles implemented
the desire to imagine
to backfill and anticipate that which is not apparent, becomes the beauty of the action taken
makes connections
makes that upon which we endeavor a voyage instead of mere motion.

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Rest in Peace, Denis Mahoney


By now many of you have heard the sad news of Tariq’s passing. He died peacefully at home on Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at the age of 52.

From Denis’ Facebook Page:

A memorial service for Denis will be held at La Grua Center in Stonington, CT on Friday, April 27, 2012 at 12:30pm. Everyone is also invited to a reception at Skippers Dock immediately following the memorial service. The La Grua Center and Skippers Dock are located very close to each other so you may park in either lot. Please allow a little extra driving time because Stonington Borough can be difficult to navigate.

La Grua Center
32 Water St Stonington, CT 06378
(860) 535-2300

Skippers Dock
66 Water Street Stonington, CT 06378
(860) 535-0111

In lieu of flowers, the family humbly requests that any donations be made to Say Yes Like a Tree – Education Fund in memory of Denis Mahoney.

Tariq, we are heartbroken and we miss you, but we are comforted that your legacy lives on through your art.


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